Currently residing in New York City, emerging actress Kimberly Marie Freeman is taking on projects on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kimberly was born in London and spent her childhood in both Trinidad and England.

From a young age, Kimberly and her sisters were encouraged to pursue the creative arts and were often dubbed “The Von Trapp Freeman sisters” a homage to the singing family in the Sound of Music.

Her family’s move to East Sussex allowed Kimberly her first opportunity to act on stage both in school but also in community theatre.

While at University, Kimberly performed on a regular basis not only in traditional theater, but also at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival on three separate occasions.

It was while working in Scotland that Kimberly added voice and radio work to her extensive resume.

Notable theatre credits include “A Brief History of Scotland” which won a Sweet Entertainment award, “Much Ado About Nothing”, “Alice In Wonderland” , “The Delirium of Edgar Allan Poe” and ‘The Marionettes'” which was translated into English especially for the performance.

Whilst off stage or set, Kimberly is an animal advocate that does a lot of rescue and foster work for leading charities in NYC. With extensive knowledge of animal behavior and training, Kimberly is often called upon to rehabilitate and train rescue dogs and cats.

Kimberly currently has three rescue dogs and a rescue cat.

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